Sopa de arroz/Mexican-style rice

December 12, 2007 by: Gina Ruiz side dishes

Sopa de arroz/Mexican-style rice

2 c, long-grain rice
six tomatoes, chopped
½ onion, chopped
olive oil
chicken broth
Knorr Perejil, ¼ of a cube
2 tsbp. Knorr Pollo
salt, to taste
a small handful of cilantro

Coat the bottom of a heavy frying pan with olive oil and heat. Add chopped onions, then the rice. Brown rice and onions till the onions are caramelized, almost crispy and the rice is completely brown.

Add the chopped tomatoes and mix them in. Add salt (very little) to taste, the Knorr Pollo and the Knorr Perejil (you can do without these if you can’t find them). My grandmother also would add a few grains of comino (cumin) but I don’t care for it in my rice.

Slowly add the chicken broth to the frying pan. Stir. Keep adding the broth till it covers the rice barely. Add the handful of cilantro and cover. Lower the heat and let simmer, covered till the rice is fluffy and all the broth is absorbed (about 20 minutes).

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