A Riff on Huevos Rancheros


They might not be traditional, but they are GOOD!

I woke up this morning and had my usual cup of coffee and got to work.  I didn’t make toast, I didn’t have yogurt because I am all charged up and energized about work.  The morning flew by and before I knew it, it was noon and I was HUNGRY.  Like seriously, stomach growling hungry.  I also had a sudden, undeniable craving for Huevos Rancheros, those wonderful fried eggs on top of a deep fried tortilla smothered in salsa.  Oh yeah!

I went to the kitchen and found I didn’t have quite the right ingredients.  Damn!

So, I re-grouped (I’m never without some crazy resource in the kitchen) and raided the fridge for leftovers.  There was some rice, some salsa, eggs, avocados and tortillas.  Okay, I can do this.  My tummy wasn’t taking no for an answer.  I would have my huevos rancheros, but with a twist.

Here’s what I came up with – a tostada shell topped with rice and fried onions that had been drizzled with fresh lemon juice, the fried egg on top of that, salsa on top and some slices of avocado. Not traditional, but way yummy.


Kinda-Sorta Huevos Rancheros (For two people)

Two corn tortillas, fried until crispy

one cup of cooked Spanish rice, heated

1/2 an onion, sliced, fried then drizzled with lemon juice

1/4 cup of salsa

avocado slices

2 eggs, over easy


To assemble the tostadas:

Scoop the rice onto the fried tortilla in the center

Top that with the fried onions

Add the over easy egg

Garnish with salsa and avocado or whatever you like

I was thinking sour cream would have been good too.

*tip – fry up an extra tortilla or two to scoop up the yummy fillings that fall off onto the plate.


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