Giving Back to Our Troops

Remember The Hurt Locker?

My son, Albert works with real life Hurt Locker types, the Navy EOD (Explosive Ordance Disposal) or to simplify it further, a bomb squad. Yeah, those guys. They work hard in incredibly dangerous conditions and save countless lives in the process. They are, each and every one, American heroes.

I’m well familiar with having a family member in Afghanistan as my son has been there more times than I can count and someone else very close and special to me had been stationed in Iraq for years. I know the drill. Our guys there do without a lot of things we take for granted. Magazines, books, candy, personal hygiene products and even something like Tapatio sauce in some instances.

Imagine being out in the desert and not having decent shampoo or soap. These are our guys out there gente. Our sons, our daughters, our men, husbands, fathers, lovers and they do without. They have the basics, they are fed and clothed but it’s not enough. Doing all they do, sometimes giving up their very lives and yet, they don’t have the simple luxury of a magazine to flip through in a spare moment.

You may be thinking, “but what can I do?” Times are hard, the economy bites but still, you must have some magazines laying around; a bag of candy; some paperbacks sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Each one of us has SOMETHING we can give whether it be an extra tube of toothpaste, that package of cookies you really don’t want to eat anyway, a copy of Sports Illustrated that your husband won’t miss. Maybe you have some gift card sitting there wasting away that can be used to buy magazines or something.

My son has provided this note:

For those of you that would like to send care packages to our troops in Afghanistan here is the address and some info.

JTF Paladin South/CEXC KAF
APO AE 09355

“You can send it just like that and goods will be distributed.  I work for CEXC, which is run by the NAVY EOD here. These guys are awesome and their job here is saving lives and they do an excellent job at it.  Things that have been requested are: hygiene supplies, snacks/candy, books and magazines.

Things that can’t be sent: Drugs, alcohol, or pornography. Thank you to those that send stuff and thanks for supporting your troops!!!”

I’m a proud mama and I want to help him in his drive to get his guys on the base there what they need.  So what do you say?  Will you help?  Send something to our guys this holiday season.

Mil gracias from my son and I.

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