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  • Gina,
    The pound of queso fresco did not melt into a smooth goopy mess wrapped around my spoon. It wouldn’t get any better than a smooth grainy consistency similar to cream of wheat. Any suggestions? By the way 25-30 of my work partners and I thought it was fabulous!

    • Hi Joe:

      Not sure why it turned out grainy. I guess you can substitute jack cheese for the quest fresco and that should give you a smoother consistency. Glad you liked it!

  • Hi, question please. My dad was half Spanish and made fabulous Mexican food as I grew up. He made me atole pinole and I never remembered exactly how. what is the difference between atole de pina and atole de pinole, what is pinole. Is it pine nuts or something else? Thanks so much.

  • Gina:
    Looked up making agua de fresa and Doña Lupe’s cocina looked authentic. The aguas recipes are great, then I read this chingona post, and it blew me away. Buena suerte, Chingona, animo y no te rajes!


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