A Tablet in the Kitchen

I am building a brand for a chef I know. Michelin-starred Italian chef, Gianfranco Minuz knows that brand-building and social media are important. He’s writing a book that will include his vast wealth of recipes, techniques and stories but knows that the road to publishing, let alone selling a cookbook is difficult to say the least. He knows that what will give him an edge beyond his fabulous food, is his personal brand.  And so we work on it.  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube.  It takes a team and really good equipment. His team consists of me, his daughter Chiara, musical wizard Alan Ishii and of course, the chef himself. I have been blessed with technology via Verizon and it helps so very much.  We couldn’t do the things we do without a strong wireless network, incredible phones that do great camera work or the very recent addition to my equipment family, the Windows Lumia 2520 tablet.  That thing is a BEAST. It braves steamy pots, closeups into said pots and documents and records everything.  We can switch back and forth from stills to video, prop that sucker up on a box and let it film difficult angles we can get into and even better, it backs all that video up automatically to Onedrive and the Verizon Cloud. We can zoom in, zoom out, edit on screen, toggle sound off and on, mix and stir.  The tablet is an incredible addition to our team. Once Chef is done with a dish, Alan can then log into our shared cloud account – Onedrive (which is Microsoft, so native to my tablet) and grab those videos while I take the stills and edit either right on the tablet or in Photoshop.  Once I’m done, those get sent to the cloud for Alan too and he takes all that content, stitches it together, edits out extraneous things (like me cursing up a storm as I try to squeeze practically into the stove in order to get a shot) and add titles and recipe instructions to the clips.  He then composes his own arrangements of music and then gets them uploaded to Youtube, where the chef, Chiara and I take one final look to make sure it’s everything we need.  Sometimes, rarely, the edited video gets kicked back to Alan for a title change.  Then and only then, do these masterpieces go live, up on Chef’s website, then Tweeted. A lot of work?  Yes, it is, but it’s joyful work doing what we love amongst a team of friends/family that have the highest respect and love for each other.  We believe in the brand and the chef. Also, we get to eat the results! If we could feed our little workhorse of a tablet, we would.  It works just as hard, if not harder than we do and has survived near immersion into a pot of vegetable stock, steamy screens, splatters of sauce and my clumsy handling of it in tight corners like a trooper. There is nothing like a fast, reliable network and good tools to get a job done and I couldn’t be happier with what I have. The 2520 is as much a part of our kitchen as the chef’s copper pots.

Here is some of our work using the tablet.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Program which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits.  The opinions expressed here are my own, as is the cursing and the Spanglish.  I am, as always myself. #VZWBuzz

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