USA-Mexico, Mariachis, Vuvuzelas y Gangnam Style


I invited you in my last post and I told you it was going to be fun.  That was a huge understatement.

I left work a little early and hopped a Blue Line train  meet my cousin Julia and friend Sharon for a little USA/Mexico soccer action at the Long Beach Futsal facility in Signal Hill.  I ended up getting on the slowest train EVER.  Seriously, Metro…what WERE you thinking when you designed that line?  It drove me crazy because traffic was moving faster than the train.  Seriously.  Oh, and there was the oddest thing…somewhere near Compton or maybe Wardlow, there was a guy riding a horse alongside the tracks.  Really.  I finally did get to my destination and my cousin Julia and friend Sharon were already waiting so we headed down to Signal Hill and I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but the line around the building was kind of surprising.

We could hear the vuvuzelas from the street and I swore I heard…no was that mariachis?  YES!  Mariachi music was coming from somewhere inside.  That was definitely Guadalajara I was hearing.

While my cousin went to park her truck I headed in and was pretty amazed by the size of this place.  It’s huge.  The place was already packed and there was a huge line outside.  The Telcel Chicas were busily handing out thundersticks and vuvuzelas; kids were running around and everywhere there were smiles.

Once inside, I immediately spotted the mariachis on stage and got really happy.  I love good mariachi music and there is something about charro costumes that make me sigh happily.  I don’t think there’s a Mexican woman on the planet that doesn’t sigh happily at a handsome mariachi.

Alongside on wall was a long table set up with chafing dishes full of rice, beans, taquitos, chips, salsas…and more.  My cousin found beer and tequila being served.  We were, of course carded.  I got busy taking pictures and honestly, I couldn’t stop because there was so much going on.  It felt like watching a game in a huge stadium and everyone was excited, happy and involved.  There were giveaways and prizes and a lot of joking around.  There was even some gangnam style dancing to…mariachi music.  It was great.  More than a few people had their faces painted and I saw at least three Chicharito shirts in the crowd.

The game ended 0-0 which irked me because I didn’t get to hear “GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” not even once, but still, it was the best time I’ve had in a long time and certainly the best way to watch a soccer game.

World cup with TelcelUSA?  I’ll go to any of their parties.

This is a sponsored post. Telcel America is sponsoring the above mentioned event, and is also the sponsor for this post on DLK. To learn more about Telcel America visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @TelcelAmerica.

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