CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2012 Bimbo Pan-American Award

Bimbo, the leading baked goods company in the Americas, with a presence in 18 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, invites the scientific community to participate, for the fourth time, in the Bimbo Pan-American Nutrition, Food Science and Technology Award. This award, established since 2004, is part of the .Committed to Your Health. program and addresses the company.s concern to improve the health and nutrition of the population by furthering scientific research.

This Award will be a recognition to the best research papers published during 2011 or 2012 before the close of this invitation, completed in the field of Human Nutrition or Food Science and Technology in the youth and professional categories, for each of the four participating geographical zones, granting a total of 16 awards. These papers should be submitted in English or Spanish.

The invitation will remain open from April 16th, 2012 to August 17th 2012. Click here to register.

In order to determine the zone for each paper, the country to which the institution conducting the investigation belongs to, will be considered.

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2 thoughts on “CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2012 Bimbo Pan-American Award

  1. So many people are unfamiliar with Bimbo, but I am thrilled since a friend of mine in LA – a freshly minted MBA in hand – just got a job with their corporate office. This sounds like a great award.

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