Oreo’s #SnackHacks

There’s a new web series revolving around LA celebrity chefs who’ve been asked to experiment with Oreo cookies to create new inspired snack recipes.  Check out Top Chefs Michael Voltaggio (Ink Restaurant) and Roy Choi (Kogi Food Truck) empire and young gun Nguyen Tran of the underground sensation Starry Kitchen, each create his own four-step easy ‘Snack Hack’.

This series of videos reveal how these celebrity chefs incorporate the secret ingredient into their ‘Snack Hack’, which seeks to deconstruct the Oreo cookie, as we know it.  Discover the secrets of how to make Choi’s Oreo-crusted chicken tenders, Voltaggio’s Oreo tortilla chips and lemon Oreo shandy and Tran’s Oreo-and-cherry-soda bread pudding.

Snack Hacks’ combines the cleverness of hacking with the creativity that is happening in food culture, and Oreo wants people to come up with their own ‘Hack’ creation.

I am planning on making my own snack hack, perhaps an Oreo cookie mole and I know a chef who is thinking about pasta.  What’s your hack?  I challenge you to create one, upload your video to the Oreo Youtube page and share your link with me.  So, do you think you can get clever with the cookie?
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