Tacos de camote/Sweet Potato Tacos

This is a really simple, homey recipe.  There are no quantities listed because it all depends on how many you want to make and sweet potatoes vary in size.   These tacos are slightly sweet and the orange-honey dipping sauce gives them an extra kick.  Very good on on a cold day.

Sweet potatoes
Cinnamon stick
Corn tortillas
Olive oil

Peel and slice sweet potatoes into large chunks.  Put in saucepan with just enough water to cover them.  Add cinnamon stick.
Bring to boil, then lower heat.  Cook until soft enough to mash but still firm.

Strain the cooked sweet potatoes and reserve the liquid they boiled in.

When the potatoes are completely drained, mash and set aside.

Heat corn tortillas on a griddle and scoop a spoonful of sweet potato into each one.  Fold over and squish it so that it holds together.  Assemble until you’re out of sweet potato.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet.  Add enough to cover tacos.

When oil is hot enough slide in the tacos and fry until hard and crispy on each side.

Remove from oil and drain excess oil.

Serve with dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce

Juice of an orange
Reserved liquid from sweet potatoes

Mix the juice of an orange with some of the reserved liquid from the sweet potatoes and add enough honey so that you get a syrupy mixture.  That’s it.

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