Kyocera Hydro Elite


I got a new phone!

It’s waterproof. It is super light. It’s got a great camera and it runs on Android, so it was a big switch from my Blackberry Z-10. I kept forgetting not to swipe up from the bottom for the first few hours, but I quickly got my Android groove back on.

What I love about it:

Android – gotta love all the apps that my Blackberry doesn’t have. While the Blackberry is efficient, it’s dying in the app market which kinda negates its efficiency quotient. This phone had all my old favorite apps and plenty new. Evernote, Instagram, Tweetcaster are some of my faves and ones I will be loath to give up.

It’s small and compact which is very nice. This may be girly, but I love a phone that fits into a cocktail purse or slim wallet.

The screen resolution was great. I loved the clarity.

Another feature I loved was the actual shell of the phone. It’s hmm, what to call it? Kind of graded which makes it less easy to drop and I deeply appreciate that being Gina of the slippery, phone-dropping fingers. Even the train lurching to a stop when I’m holding precariously onto a strap doesn’t loosen my grip from this phone. Haven’t dropped it yet.

The sound, omg the sound! I can hear this sucker on a busy, noisy train or bus, which for me who commutes daily is huge. I would normally just let everything go to voicemail rather than attempt a conversation or even trying to listen to said voicemail on a bus or train in busy Los Angeles. You try hearing yourself think on a bus going down Wilshire, I dare ya. You might not hear your thoughts, but you will hear the person on the other end of this phone. In fact, I was walking down Wilshire and Fairfax with it last week when I got a call from some very important place that I had given up hearing from. I answered the phone without thinking and was amazed by the clarity of sound of the voice that was telling me I was a finalist. Clear as a bell in the noisiest traffic. I’m sure the woman on the other end that heard my shrieking reaction probably wasn’t so thrilled with the sound, but I sure am. I immediately ran home and connected it to share my iTunes. Oh yeah, the music sound quality is phenomenal.

I haven’t tested it in water yet…

My first thought upon receiving the phone was “I’m so going to soak it in the sink.” Then I started to play with it and love it. That was a mistake. Now I love it far too much to risk testing my newborn baby in a vat of water. I know, I know…I’m a chicken. I should be objective, I should be scientific…NO. It’s my baby!

If you are brave enough to test it, send me video and I’ll post it here. I totally want to see but I’m not willing to risk mine.

You can check out the specs here at Verizon.  Among the goodness is Bluetooth 4.0, 16GB of internal storage, 1.5GB of RAM, 13 hours of talk
time and wireless charging, not to mention the awesome ability to submerge it in water for up to thirty minutes…I’m still chicken!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Program which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits. I was compensated for this post. The opinions expressed here are my own. #VZWBuzz

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