Living with the Blackberry Z10

Everyone loves a new toy on Christmas Day. A week later, however, most toys are discarded in favor of something new or something better. The true test of a new toy is if you’re still in love with it a week later.

It’s three weeks since I got the new Blackberry Z-10 and I know this is a deep and abiding love. I find new things every day and make my life easier and more efficient. I love efficiency and order like some people love ice cream – with a passion. The service from Verizon I am loving more each day as well. It’s fast, I never run into those weird little patches of town with no service and well, efficient. The service and the phone work together to be a pretty awesome team.

Here are some of the things I adore about the phone that I didn’t find upon my first giddy unwrapping and playing with it:
There’s this neat little magnifying glass thing that cursors over your text when you are editing. It really, really helps. Texters know how hard it is to get to just the right spot to fix a typo when you’re on a phone. That magnifying glass thing is a life saver.

I live in a Northeastern part of Los Angeles where there typical are problems with cell phone service. Eagle Rock and Mt. Washington are hilly, and for years I’ve had problems in both areas with patchy service. My service is excellent with Verizon now; even in the patchiest areas of these two problematic areas.

I travel on the subways and buses; and get jostled a lot by fellow commuters as well aspotholes in the roads, which typically means whatever I am doing on my cell phone gets flipped around, a page gets turned, screen rotation goes wacky…whatever. Not so with the Blackberry. It’s a solid, calm and steady device and breezes through lots of bouncing without getting confused. IF ever a phone had a personality, this one’s would be 007 cool and collected.

Ok, this isn’t a feature of the phone per se, but I adore it anyway. Neatly is a Twitter app for Blackberry and it’s the best darned Twitter client I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all. It gives me STATS, it gives me hashtags, it updates super quick and I can quickly scroll through my social media stream. Love that the Blackberry introduced me to it. I’m now testing out Blaq and am loving that as well

I went out and bought headphones for the phone to test the audio and it is crystal-clear. Music, movies, phone calls – all are wonderfully clear.
I’m finding out more I love about the phone every day. I think it’s getting serious.

Make sure to check out Verizon’s fabulous promo here – you can still win this fabulous phone!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Program which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits. I was compensated for this post. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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One thought on “Living with the Blackberry Z10

  1. My husband loves the Z10 too! We also have Verizon in Boston & I’ve been very pleased with the service. I really appreciate it when I travel to events, no worries about being able to quickly share data!

    I’ll have to try Neatly on the Z10, we’ve been hunting for the perfect twitter app for this phone, thanks for the tip.

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