Living La Vida Droid

La tormenta
La tormenta

Mi vida es una locura, una tormenta…

My life is crazy, a storm.

This has always been true. I don’t know why. I’m a mostly peaceful and peaceable type person but the life that surrounds me has always been one of intense whirlwinds. Maybe it is me – what I draw to myself. I think fast, talk fast, walk fast and type fast. I trip over words, they spill all over. I work, I commute, I have six blogs, I test mobile devices, I cook, I bake, I spend weekends with grandchildren and everything is one mad rush. Una tormenta. Una locura.

Year ago, I had a very dear friend named Roberto Colon, who passed away. He was Puerto Rican and very dramatic. The thing I remember most about him is he would always say to me while moving his expressive long fingers and fluttering his thick lashes, “Niña, la vida es una tormenta!” and he would roll his r’s to almost a growl. He was right. Life is a storm. The storm passes, it clears, it swirls around, and swings back again. Crazy life, la vida loca.

Into this madness came a little phone, the Droid Mini which I was first impressed with because of the camera and sound. After a month of owning this chingaderita, I’m more in love with it. It has grown on me despite the fact that I love big phablet-type screens.


Because it fits perfectly into my storm of a life. It slips into a pocket, I can easily hold it with one hand while standing on a train, it’s fast and it has my back. I live a somewhat single life in East L.A. someone or something needs to have my back…

This little powerhouse accompanied me to a book signing, took video of some fine Chicano actors doing their thing, it kept my grandson happy and absorbed while I was signing books, it helped my granddaughter find her Ever After and Monster High dolls on sale so she could bug me about her birthday. In my kitchen, it bravely withstood flying batter, bubbling stews, steam from a clam sauce and still took great pictures. It allowed me to document an Italian chef friend’s lesson to me on how to make perfect pasta with clams and it watched my cream puffs in the oven. For me, the blogger/journalist/writer who tends to be more of a diarist living in a tempest than anything – having something handy to document everything, while being able to fit and not be clunky is absolutely necessary.  Using the Photoshop Express app, I can do anything with my photos.  Ajua!

Using my fancy Verizon Messaging on the Droid, I’m able to sleepily text my friend about everything and anything at the end of my crazy days. Back and forth we share pictures, links to recipes, artists, books and last night we were back and forth on the subject of Dante Alghieri. We sometimes have a bit of a language barrier, so Google Translate comes into play as I quickly shift through windows easily with one finger to find just that right passage of the Inferno, then cut and paste this quick and dirty translation to my friend.


HIS jaws uplifting form their fell repast, That sinner wiped them on the hairs o’ the head, Which he behind had mangled, then began: “Thy will obeying, I call up afresh Sorrow past cure; which, but to think of, wrings My heart, or ere I tell on ’t. But if words, That I may utter, shall prove seed to bear Fruit of eternal infamy to him, The traitor whom I gnaw at, thou at once Shalt see me speak and weep. Who thou mayst be I know not, nor how here below art come: But Florentine thou seemest of a truth, When I do hear thee. Know, I was on earth Count Ugolino, and the Archbishop the Ruggieri.
Le mascelle forma edificante loro caddero pasto, Che peccatore li asciugò sui peli o ‘la testa, Che ha alle spalle aveva storpiato, poi cominciò: “La tua volontà obbedire, mi chiamo di nuovo Dolore passato cura, la quale, ma di pensare, torce Il mio cuore, o prima che io dico in ‘t. Ma se parole, Che io possa pronunciare, deve dimostrare di semi di sopportare Frutto di infamia eterna a lui, Il traditor ch’i ‘rodo a, tu in una sola volta Vedrai me parlo e piango. Che tu possa essere Io non so, né come qui di seguito vengo art: Ma fiorentina tu seemest di una verità, Quando faccio sentire te. Conoscere, ero sulla terra Conte Ugolino, 1 e l’Arcivescovo ha Ruggieri.

It may not be perfect Italian, and I for one wouldn’t know, but it was understood and the text conversation was saved.

La vida es una tormenta, una locura… but this Droid Mini fits right in. Oh, and all these photos? I store them on Verizon’s super chingon Cloud.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Program which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits.  The opinions expressed here are my own, as is the cursing and the Spanglish. I am, as always, myself. #VZWBuzz

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