Wake Up Call

Have you always dreamed of being on television?  Do you love tech?  Are you Spanish-speaking?

Verizon and Univision have teamed up and are looking for that perfect person who can talk tech, be on screen and wow the viewers.  Think you have what it takes?

One of the things I love about Verizon is their absolute commitment to the Latino community.  I think this opportunity is a perfect example.  We, as a community, love our phones, love tech and love to talk about it.  Having a tech anchor to answer questions, talk about new gadgets and educate our parents and
abuelitos. Hurry! There are only two auditions left for the San Diego tech anchor, so head on down and put your best face forward.  The two auditions left take place on September 28th and October 5, 2013.  You can find details at this link.   despierta

I think this is a fabulous idea.  Just think…no more “ay mijo/a, como me pongo el Esfacebook?”  On the other hand, if you’re that person they run to, the one who programs phones, fiddles with apps, goes shopping with them and helps them pick out what’s best, then maybe you should audition. 

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