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I’ve been testing out this new Isis Mobile Wallet and so far have been quite pleased with it, but never really thought much about it once the initial wonder became commonplace and I was using it all the time. Not until I got into a boat accident and managed to damage my shoulder in the process. The verdict from my doctor is that I’ve the muscle so badly pulled that I have muscle spasms and I’ll need physical therapy. Just great. Did I mention I’m in a world of pain?

In any case, I can barely move my neck, shoulder and right arm. Range of motion is extremely limited, not to mention painful. It’s hard trying to do ordinary, everyday things that I usually take for granted – like walking. I’m usually a fast walker and swing my arms wide. Not so much now. I find I am walking slower because my body is slightly off kilter. I’m compensating for not being able to move the neck and right arm, so my back twinges and I don’t feel that sure, sturdy, swift stride. Bah.

The other thing is, it’s pretty intense trying to get into my handbag for oh, anything. Getting into the purse means I have to bend my neck – ouch. It means I have to reach into it which means one of my hands has to hold it in place, while the other digs – double ouch. This is where Isis is a beautiful angel of mercy. I have to function. I have to work. I have to go to the store, I had to go to the pharmacy and pick up the prescribed muscle relaxers so I could sleep at least for a few hours. I had to pick up said prescription. I had to dig into my purse to get to my actual wallet to get my insurance card, I had to get money…oh wait. No I didn’t! This is when light dawned at CVS when I was almost whimpering dreading the moment I’d have to get into my bag. CVS has my insurance card on file and I had Isis right handy in my pocket on my LGG2 smartphone. I carefully reached into my left pocket with my left hand… Yay! No pain. I one-handed tapped in my pin, activated my card and tapped it to the register’s terminal at the pharmacy counter. My phone buzzed at me and the green button that indicates the transaction has completed happened. The pharmacist smiled and handed me my bag, read the medicine’s instructions and I was done. Yes!

My next stop was the front of the store because I’d forgotten to get a heating pad for my shoulder. I still had money on the card, so I picked one up with my left hand, got in line and tapped the phone to the terminal again, this time smiling gleefully despite the constant twinge in my neck. At least I didn’t have to make it worse. As I got on the train home and had to tap my Tap card (payment card for Los Angeles Metro) to the train payment terminal, I wished it would just take Isis like the Utah Transit System does. It would make my life so much easier (and for now, much less painful).

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