A Son Who Inspires

It is strange how the years flip things upside down and topsy-turvy.

It seems like just a week or so ago that I was bringing my tiny, preemie baby son home from the hospital.  I was fascinated by him.  This marvel that I had somehow created without knowing anything about the world myself was now my responsibility.  I was married, but I was oh so young – just seventeen when he was born.  My mother would yell at me when I visited her.  “You’re going to spoil him!  Va ser embracilado!”

Albert & Me - end of the 80's
Albert & Me – end of the 80’s

I didn’t care if he was spoiled.  I didn’t care if he wanted to be in my arms all the time.  All I could do was stare in wonder at this incredible little human being and hold him.  I never wanted to put him down.  It was a love affair.  We adored each other – he was equally enchanted by me and I was floored by that.  Our bond was unbreakable.  We were connected – no longer by umbilical cord, but by love.  As his intelligent brown eyes stared solemnly at me, I swore to myself he would have it all.

My boys – Albert is the tall one who is grumbling because he had to pose.

We remained enchanted with each other until he was six years old.  I left his father then and the divorce took its toll on me and my children, but especially on my oldest.  We fought.  The boy that had thought I walked on water found I wasn’t a goddess, but just a normal woman with a thousand or more failings.  I was crushed.  We carried on – stumbling, falling, moving away from each other and then back again.  No matter what, we loved each other. Somewhere deep – that bond was still unbreakable.

He grew to be a fine man, an excellent husband and father.  He is successful in his career and has traveled the world following his dreams.  When I struggle, he rushes in to help.  When I feel low, it is he who cheers me up; demands I keep going, be positive, follow my dreams.  He supports me in everything I do, even if he doesn’t understand it or if we are polar opposites in politics or beliefs.  Not satisfied with career alone, he started his own business.  I built his website for it and we go back and forth on ideas – good natured banter and battle of color, wording, etc.  A world away from each other and several time zones – we communicate with the technology that I don’t know how we ever lived without.  We’ve come a long way as mother and son.  We’ve resurrected that bond, established by hours gazing at each other and holding tight, but tested by fire and now tempered.  He has become the man I dreamed he would be and always helps his younger brothers and sister, no matter what.

At the Louvre following his dream of traveling the world

My son Albert inspires me.  He is absolutely fearless in his pursuit of his dreams.  If he wants to do something, he just goes out and does it.  He stays positive even when besieged.  I look up to him.  He is my guiding light.  When I feel like my work isn’t good enough, (and this is a common crisis for writers), it is he with his no-bull attitude that sets me straight.  I look to him, that small baby I held in my arms, the six-year old boy that loved to run up and hug me, that young teen that left to the Navy in a temper, this family man now who is building a successful business painstakingly, brick by brick.  He is my North Star and I know he is that for my other children who look to him as an example.

My son Albert, his wife Mireya and their children, Luis, Max and Zoey.
My son Albert, his wife Mireya and their children, Luis, Max and Zoey.

I am nominating my son for a Verizon Latino Business Series Entrepreneur of the Year Award because he deserves it.  It will give his business the start it needs to be what I know will only be the beginning of his empire.  Without it, my son will still do what he intends to do, build his business to be wildly successful.  It will just take a little longer.  I have utmost faith that he will succeed no matter the result.

On leave in Dubai, he goes snowboarding???
On leave in Dubai, he goes snowboarding???
My son serving his country from the U.S.S. Constellation (this aircraft carrier is now retired and it made it’s maiden voyage the year I was born).
He inspires me, even when we're saying goodbye.
He inspires me, even when we’re saying goodbye.

Do you know any entrepreneur like my son who inspires you?  Maybe it is your own child.  Tell me your stories.  I’ll post them here.  Nominate and when it comes time, vote.

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  1. I hope he wins. Your story brought a tear to my eye, as a boy mom, I always wonder what our future relationship will be like and I worry that once they find wives (or husbands) I won’t be able to be close to them anymore. I am glad to see that isn’t always true. Thank you 🙂
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