Sometimes I make omelettes.  It’s usually very rare that I eat eggs.  Most of the time on those rare occasions that I eat an egg, it’s poached but every once in a blue moon I make omelettes.  When that happens, my house goes nuts because they love, love, love my omelettes.  I never start out knowing what kind of omelette it will be but they always turn out amazingly good.  I just reach for whatever’s in the fridge and it builds itself.

Like this morning…

I stumbled out of bed, aching for coffee and thinking of breakfast.  Opening the fridge, I saw the eggs and knew I’d be making an omelette.  I saw argula, shaved parmesan, potatoes and a half an onion.  I diced the potato thinly along with the onion and sauteed them in butter till brown and crispy, then slid them into a bowl.  Next up, six eggs with a little heavy cream – whisked those, added a little salt and cracked pepper and poured them into the potato pan.  The trick to a good omelette is having the patience to let the bottom set properly.  I use a low flame and slowly spatula the edges letting the runny part slide on down till most of it is cooked.

Once the omelette was set, I flipped it over, filled one side with the potato/onion mixture along with a couple of handfuls of fresh baby arugula and folded it.  I topped it with the nice grated parmesan and some cracked pepper and served it out to the roommate and my son Phillip who said, “Mom, I wish you’d make omelettes every day.”

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  1. Que sabroso! I too, stumble out of bed, aching for coffee and thinking of breakfast. I think I’ll try this for dinner tonight!

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