Stone Soup

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a story called Stone Soup.  In the story, a very old man comes into a town where no one has much food and they don’t want to share what little they have.  He starts up a big old pot of what he calls stone soup, dropping a large stone into the boiling water and going on and on about how delicious it will be.  Of course it would be much better with an onion, the old man says and someone gives an onion to add to the magical soup.  On and on it goes with each villager contributing one thing or another till what is in the pot is a hearty soup filled with good things.   There’s a wiki on the fable here.

I make my own version of stone soup, one where I throw in anything I can find in my fridge, usually veggies that are starting to go soft, containers of left overs and containers of stocks that need to be used.  It never comes out the same way twice and its always surprisingly good.

Today it wanted to rain and was chilly, so I thought I’d do some baking.  Opening the fridge, I noticed some tomatoes that were way to squishy.  I figured I’d take them and start a tomato soup.  When I took them out, cleaned and chopped them to get them in the pot for soup, I noticed I had left over steamed spinach in a container so I threw that in the blender and pureed it, then pureed the now cooked tomatoes and blended them together, set them simmering back into the pot.

Now that that was going, I knew I was making stone soup and went back to rummaging in the fridge.  I found some left over chunks of beef that I had made in a red wine reduction, some refried beans with cheese, some cooked pinto beans, and a chunk of ham.  The beef and the red wine sauce went into the blender and got pureed then put into the simmering pot along with the re-fried beans, the pinto beans and the now cubed ham.  I added a defrosted container of chicken stock I had frozen last week, put the lid on and left it to simmer for a couple of hours.

Today’s Stone Soup turned out to be amazing. It was more like a bean and ham porridge than soup, but it was delicious, hearty, warm and perfect for a cold day.

What about you?  Do you make Stone Soup or something like it?  What do you use?

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  1. I love the story STONE SOUP too! I read it to my students every year. Just wanted to add that the best soup pretty much comes up just the way you described. Using a little of what you have in your kitchen.
    Thanks for your site; Love it!

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