Crea Futuro

One of the things I love about Latinos is that entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it be selling oranges or flowers on the roadside, opening up a restaurant, designing an app or working out of their backyard restoring old cars someone is always doing something to build a life for themselves without limits.

I’m kinda sorta one of those entrepreneurs and I started early. My sisters and I would sell tortas we made at home. We’d make a ton, wrap them in foil and take them over to the park where the guys were playing soccer. We sold everything we made. We were only in our teens. That time in my life showed me that I could always find a way to survive whether I had a full daytime job or not.

I’ve had a career and lost it when illness and the economy decided to kick my butt around for a few years. During that time, I found other ways to make money, becoming an entrepreneur on a semi part-time basis (all my health would allow) and now while I’m healthy again, I’m still doing work from home, building a small consulting business while holding down a full-time job. No one ever said starting your own business was a cakewalk right?

I found about this completely amazing hashtag over at Verizon called #CreaFuturo . Some of the stories (watch the videos!) are incredible. The spirt and drive these Latinos have is amazing. I’m particularly inspired by the Hello Navi app a group of kids in a middle school came up with to help blind students. Using Verizon technology and tools, they’ve created a better future.

Verizon, for Hispanic Heritage Month, is giving consumers the opportunity to win Verizon products that they put on their wish list which would help them to build the heritage of tomorrow. You can snap a pic of at least one item on their wish list and submit the photo on Twitter or Instagram, tagging it #CreaTuLista and #CreaFuturo. If you don’t have a social media account, head on over to and submit it there.

If I had my choice, I’d photograph an iPad Air, and put that on my #CreaFuturoLista.  It would come in handy on trips, like the one I had this weekend where I can quickly write and take notes in the car or on the plane. It would help me in a lot of ways in what I do.

So what wonderful technological item from Verizon would help you in your business? A smartphone, a tablet, what? I’d have loved to have some techy goodness back when I was selling tortas at age 14.

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