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Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.47.06 PMA few years back my hard drive crashed. There was no warning, no blinking red light, nada. Just a dead Macbook. I was able to buy another hard drive and got more mileage for my Macbook, but my data? Everything was gone…except for what I had stored on the cloud in various applications – Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud. I learned my lesson on that dark and scary day. Back up everything, back up often, back up in different places just in case someone goes out of business, has a huge fire or just crashes. Yeah, I’m not at all trusting when it comes to my data.

I’m a writer. Words are my life and the muse is fickle…sometimes I have the words – sometimes I don’t. I capture the really elusive ones and save them for later. Maybe a particularly good sentence or phrase will come in handy in a story for later; maybe not. Maybe those three words that popped into my head while riding the bus, or the way a woman held herself and smiled can be added to a character. Sometimes these words go nowhere. Sometimes they just don’t fit. I save them anyway. I’ve been known to resurrect a sentence from ten years ago out of an old notebook and pop it right into a new story and like magic, it fits. It was just waiting.

Imagine if I couldn’t save them. It scares me. Some are so delicate and elusive they are will o’ the wisps in the back of my brain, just floating, tickling, hovering before they finally emerge for a quick second and I frantically write – because I know those wispy ones never quite fully materialize for longer than a moment.

Lately, all my saving has been to Verizon’s cloud and I, that most distrustful of skeptics, am starting starting to feel trust. Like all Verizon’s services, the cloud is built on a reliable and fast network. Not only my words get stored there. I trust hundreds of photos to that cloud.  I  take a ton of food shots, things around L.A., those all important ones of family and also quick snapshots around the city that help me remember a phrase or a story. Without the cloud, I’d have to pay for extra Dropbox storage, more Google, more Box and on and on. With Verizon’s service, I don’t even have to think about it. Every photo I take on my phone, every word I write on it gets synced and stored automatically. I’ve recently started taking video of a chef giving lessons in Italian cooking and those get stored automatically as well. It’s a simple matter for me to come home, hop on my big desktop Mac, or even my  shiny new Macbook Pro, go to the web app and grab my content. I can easily copy over my stories, my photos and videos.

Beyond all that, I know my data is secure. No one is going to steal my words or embryonic stories. Those future babies have time to gestate, become grand paragraphs or maybe even…a novel.

This is my life – one of words and images; all safe, sound and easy to access on the Verizon cloud. I’m covered.

This neat photo of a woman who just became a citizen was automatically saved to the cloud.


Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Program which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits.  The opinions expressed here are my own, as is the Spanglish. I am, as always myself.   #VZWBuzz

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