Game Day!

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Game day dawned bright and sunny. Unseasonably warm for Northern California in November, it was perfection for Ellie and I.  I woke first and stumbled over to the in-room coffee maker before starting to get ready.  Two women who love makeup, clothes and like to fuss meant blowdryers, straightening irons, bags of makeup and gewgaws everywhere.  We managed to make ourselves not only beautiful, but Raider-appropriate, completely dressed in the Silver and Black of our team.  We’d arranged to meet our midnight friend for breakfast in our hotel lobby before the game and we were excited to see him.

Our elevator opened and there, in the lobby were Raiderettes Janae and Brittany busily signing calendars.  I made sure to get a calendar for my Uncle Kiki and chatted with them for a while about my uncle, the game, and my silver and black fingernails.  That was a hit!  While we were chatting, a couple came in straight from the hotel shuttle from the airport.  They were insanely excited to see the Raiderettes and told me they’d flown all the way in from Newfoundland to attend the Raider Game.  Fully clothed in silver and black, they were one of the most excellent representations of Raider fans I’d seen.  Imagine flying for eighteen hours just to see a game!  They did that and that is some serious fan dedication.

After breakfast with Joe, he was kind enough to drive us down to the Bart Station that led to a bridge to O.c.O.  That bridge was kind of surreal in a wonderful way.  All I could see ahead and behind was a sea of silver and black.  The excitement was building.  I also saw lots of people carrying their #NFLAllclear bags in and no one was having an issue with it.

Once we got past the bridge, we stopped to play a game and I won silver and black beads.  While we stood there chatting and taking it all in, we noticed some incredibly scantily clad men completely painted black.  They posed for me and spelled out RAIDERS.  I don’t know who had more fun taking photos, me or Cat/Ellie.  They were a lot of fun and visiting from Australia. I asked if they too had flown all the way in to see a Raider game and they said no, they were in town on vacation and just decided to show up at a game completely painted in Raider black on a whim.  Go Oz!

We wandered, we meandered, we were caught up in the excitement of being at O.cO and in the midst of all the fans.  We came upon a full pig on a spit that later was to become sandwiches.  We snapped pictures of just about everything and everybody and eventually made our way through the maze to find our seats and what great seats they were!  We were amazingly close to everything.  I was entranced and I know Ellie was too.  I think we were so dazzled by the whole spectacle we didn’t even realize when the game began.  Fireworks, flag folding, National Guard, a band, Joe OMG Joe Satriani played the National Anthem and I was starstruck.  We finally did register that the game had begun though and settled in to watch a nail biter of a game.  My beloved team lost in the end, but they gave me an incredible experience I will remember all my life.  Truly it was a day for the brightest of stars.

Suggested hashtags: #NFLAllClear, #TheNextBigThing, #LGG2 #Raiders, #travel #Oakland

Photos and videos taken with both my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and my LGG2 Smartphone on the Verizon Wireless Network.

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